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Wednesday 2 December Silverdale School Newsletter

School Newsletter
Learn to Journey – Journey to Learn
Ako ki te Haere – Haere ki te Ako

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Tama Ralston, Viki Zhang, Maxim Rotko, Avayah Rihari, Logan Fox, Conor McCleery, Maia Brownlie, Lana Leng, Stella Purchas, Yifan Jiang, Violette Goldsmith and Jane Won.

Watering the Field

Auckland Council has given us permission to water the field during the summer. We have installed a rain sensor to our irrigation system as part of the Council’s requirements to water the field.

Inter-school Athletics

Silverdale School athletics interschools champions.

Congratulations to our inter school athletics team who went to the interschool athletics day on Tuesday. We are all very proud of everyone who went and competed. The athletes were absolutely outstanding yesterday. Our Year 6 children won the competition out of 8 other schools with most athletes placing 1, 2 or 3rd! Our Year 5 children did incredibly well and  together they won overall school super proud of how they represented our school today. Thanks to Megan Catterall for the report and photo.

Student Achievement – Art Awards – Realisticus Art Academy

Silverdale School Students have achieved fantastic results at our “Fantasy Worlds” 2020 Student Art Show/Competition. Over 1000 children attending Realisticus Art Academy classes all over Auckland, join our creative art competition at the end of each year. This year we have three winners from Silverdale School.


Jimmy Su, age 6 – Winner of Junior Realisticus Art Award – for Age 5-6 Category.

For the most Realistic and Effective Artwork in the age group. Great creativity and confidence.

May Pang, age 8  – Little Star Award 

Little Star award is given to students who display great creativity and innovation in their artworks.

Charlotte Staff, age 11 – Rising Star Award  

Rising Star Award is given to students that display unique imagination, good drawing skills, with great attention to detail and strong technique.

Cameron Lockie
The last day for Ezy lunch is 11 December 2020. Sushi4U will still be operating, their last day will be Thursday 17 December.
Their selection will be a little deifferent. From Monday 14 December-Thursday 17 December they will be doing xmas sushi only. There will be 9 varities with a gluten free opition. There will be limited amount and you can start ordering these on Thursday 3 December.

Silverdale School Cycle Train Meeting this Thursday December 3 – 9:30am Staffroom

Any interested parents who are keen to help or have more information regarding a school cycle train please come along to a meeting with Auckland Transport in the staffroom. A cycle train is the same concept as a walking school bus where students of all ages can cycle to school in a group with an adult safely.

Cookie Time Christmas Cookie Buckets
Cookie Time Christmas buckets are the perfect Christmas gift or treat this time of year! If you would like to order any buckets, please fill out the attached order form and email to
Cookies can then be collected from the field opposite the school .

This week was semi final week and the Silver Fins were spoilt this afternoon with not one, but two games!  Which means we have just two matches of the 2020 season remaining before the Fins hang up their caps and the team is no more.  Just where has the time gone?  Tonights matches were played back to back, requiring a high level of effort and attentiveness, especially since we had no Alissa for this game, thus no sub… And Team Fins delivered – and then some.   First game the Fins played the Red Beach Riptides & game number two was against the Whangaparaoa Stingrays, both very good teams, equally really strong – their play reflecting this.  The speed of the each match was on fast forward from beginning to end,  making it very tricky for the Fins to score.  But not impossible.   Yep our opponents were ready for combat, but with all the best intentions they were no match for Jamie Welch, our resident Goalie, who was run off his feet…. Yet Jamie did not miss one ball that was coming his way, successfully preventing a huge amount of goals with some impressive interception, so much so I attempted to write a tally…. but I lost count!!!  However the crowd were cheering the Fins on with every save, it was such extraordinary play and a real testament to how far Jamie has come.  Amid the fray, supporting Jamie, the attack, defense, swimming, and passing between Jack Wooller, Julian Beall, Zack Gibbins, and Blake Thow was simply superb, the boys all flexing some real muscle…. amidst the tussle!  (I know, I know….)  It was so exciting to watch, mere words simply don’t do it justice.  At one stage the ball was like a missile, forcefully moving through the air, barely missing Coach Duncans head!  Zack and Julian both got whacked in the face a few times, and Blake once again had the uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time, not once, but every single time, like the talent he is.  Jack scored some pretty slick goals, goodness knows how he managed to pull that off – as it was absolute chaos.  It was as though Jack, our newest player, has always been part of the Fins throughout the past three seasons.  And Zacks talent as a player, his attack, his swimming, his blocking…. is just unbelievable.  Julians swimming and attack was the most fierce I have ever seen…. I just can’t say enough great things about these guys, all 5 of them are simply the perfect mix.  And up front, fellow Fins Morgan Lusher and Alice Bauld were equally just as forceful, both battling off several players at once, firing the ball at the Goal in order to give our opponents Goalie a piece of their own medicine.  Repeatedly we saw cunning moves and slick shooting from both Morgan and Alice, and although the final score does not reflect the skills of our opponents who did not make it easy for the Fins, all in all by final whistle the teams hard work and telepathy definitely paid off.   It’s often said there is a first time for everything, and in 8 seasons of spectating, not once have I seen the Ref forced to break into a jog (!) from one end of the pool to the other in order to keep up with the play… until now.  That was quite a sight to behold!  Player of the Day was a hard call for Coach Duncan to make this week, but our Player of the Day for both matches inevitably had to be the mighty Alice Bauld (pictured).  At a time when the entire team were all incredible, our Striker Alice demonstrated outstanding link up play, was strong and undeterred in her resolve to score, and did not let the Fins opponents force her into backing down – through both matches.     With her competent and calm manner, Alice just took it all in her stride, not letting any intimidation tactics cause her to falter.  And the Goal Tally reflects her skill and ability as a star player.  Score:  Silver Fish vs Red Beach Riptides 9-1,   Silver Fish vs Whangaparoa Stingrays 7-1.  Combined Goal Tally for both matches:  Alice 7, Morgan 4, Jack 4, and an opposition Goalie own.  Two wins – what a way to end the week!  Go Team Fins!


December is a great time to trial, bring friends and experience all the different genre of classes that we offer.

From BALLET to DRAMA, DANCE to MUSICAL THEATRE or our popular DANCE SING ACT combo, this is your chance to jump in to have a go. We look forward to welcoming you to as many classes as you can squeeze in!

No booking required – just turn up, join in & you will be warmly welcomed VENUE MAP


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Love the team x
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