Week 6 Newsletter – 20 May

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Week 6 Newsletter – 20 May

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has made the transition back to school run so smoothly. The first three days have been fantastic and the pick up and drop off has been a great success. Thank you to all our community who has followed our new guidelines, your support is fantastic. The children have been amazing and have gotten back into the swing of school extremely quickly and without much fuss. Our staff have shown great leadership and support to our children throughout the distance learning and now while they are at school.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Ziyee Zhu, Chane Boshoff, Jamie Bycroft, Jaxon Garrity, Alan Jiang, Peyton Grobler, Devon Metzger-Feki, Jakob Nguyen, Kayla White and Caitlin Kirker.

Children Late to School

If your child is late to school they now will go straight to their classroom and not the office. The teacher will mark them as late on the roll. If you get a text message that your child is not at school and you know that they are at school please contact the classroom teacher and the office.

Learning Conservations

Our learning conversations are three-way conferences with the teacher, child and parent. Three-way conferences take the form of a conversation between the child, the parents and the teacher as they sit together and talk about the child’s learning, with the child taking an equal role. This approach gives children an opportunity to share with their parents their growth as a learner. 

Our learning conversations were due to take place this term we are rescheduling these to later in the year.

Mid Year Reports

Due to COVID-19 we will not be sending home mid-year reports. Early next term we will be holding information days/evenings to explain to parents how to use SchoolTalk to understand where their child is at with their learning.

If you have any concerns about your child’s learning please contact their teacher.

Distance Learning Survey

We would like to understand what your child liked about distance learning so we are able to incorporate some aspects of this into our classroom practice.

Please ask your child the questions on thsurvey form and record their answers. It should take no more than 10 minutes. 

Thank you very much.


School Uniform

Please ensure your child wears the correct uniform each day and that all items are clearly named. To order new uniform items please go to http://www.schooluniform.co.nz/ 

School Uniform

Green polo shirt (with school logo) Year 0-6 

Green fleece jacket (with school logo) 

Black culottes             

Black cargo shorts or cargo pants (no track pants

Black school shoes or black sandals (no boots)

Black socks or stockings (no ankle tights/leggings)

Black sun hat with school logo (Terms 1 and 4) 

Black, white or green hair bands/ties


PE Sport Uniform (Year 5-6 only)

Black school PE sports shorts                               

Green school sports T shirt (with school logo)  

Sports/running shoes (for sport only)                     

Short sleeved thermals are permitted to wear underneath.

Jewellery is not to be worn except for watches, stud earrings and items of a religious or cultural nature.


Reading at Silverdale School

Some children will be bringing the same reader home several nights in succession.  They will be practising some of the skills below, and once they are able to read the book with mastery of these skills they will move on to another book.  

Some nights they will bring different books home; this will be because at the first reading they were able to read the book with the necessary skills.

It is important that they learn to become as independent as possible, so if your child makes a mistake or cannot read a word, PAUSE before helping.  Let them attempt to work the word out by themselves.  If they are struggling, give them the word.

Enjoy your time listening to your child read.  They will respond to this with a feeling of confidence and will want to read.

Teachers are working very thoroughly on each text, teaching the children to:

  • Read with expression and fluency
  • Retell a story in sequence
  • Learn some aspect of word study, e.g. endings of words
  • Instantly recognise basic sight words that occur in the book
  • Read with self-monitoring skills, i.e. self-correct when errors are made, make an independent attempt when faced with an unknown word

Guidelines Around Reading At Home

  • Find a time that suits everyone.
  • Make it an enjoyable, fun, stress free time.
  • Find a nice, quiet place. It’s a great time to have a cuddle.
  • Praise, praise, praise you child and celebrate their success.
  • Model reading to your children – if they see you reading and you explain why you are reading it will give them more meaning.
  • It is ok for books that come home to be easy for your children.
  • Re-reading a book is valuable as there are many different skills they are learning in class and need to revise.


Helpful Hints for Reluctant Readers…

If your child doesn’t want to read –

  • Look at the pictures. Can they retell the story to you?
  • Connect the story to their own life experience.
  • Take turns. You read a page and then your child can read a page.
  • You can read the story to them, modelling fluency or punctuation.
  • Keep it up beat and fun. Reading needs to be enjoyable!


Cameron Lockie




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